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In the absence of being together in the theatre,  we are humbled and grateful for the many ways you have shown us your support- in  words of encouragement, purchasing walk-up concessions (and sometimes spending more than you need to),  renting virtual cinema,  making donations,  purchasing gift tickets/discount passes (for future use)...  We are very fortunate in these times to be the beneficiaries of such kindness.  Your commitment makes ours even stronger - to welcome you back  safely when the time is right and provide you with the magic of the movies!

Until then, with heartfelt thanks,  we hope you stay safe, healthy and have a Happy New Year,
Kathy & Bob                                                                 

                                                                                                  Virtual Cinema
The movies we offer are available through different distributor’s websites and streaming services. 50% of  ticket sales  support the Crystal Theatre.
Via the links provided below, you’ll be taken to their websites to purchase access to these films.
Please make sure to read the instructions provided by each distributor, they provide FAQs and ways to stream from/to various devices.      

Acasa, My Home
Fri-Thurs Jan 15-21
$12. for a 5-day rental

(not rated) 1 hr 30 min   Subtitled
In the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta, an abandoned water reservoir just outside the bustling metropolis, the Enache family lived in perfect harmony with nature for two decades. When this area is transformed into a public national park, they are forced to leave behind their unconventional life and move to the city.

As the family struggles to conform to modern civilization and maintain their connection to each other and themselves, they each begin to question their place in the world and what their future might be. With their roots in the wilderness, the nine children and their parents struggle to find a way to keep their family united in the concrete jungle.

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The Reason I Jump
thru Thurs Jan 21
$12. for a 5-day rental

(not rated) 1 hr 25 min

Based on the best-selling book by Naoki Higashida, The Reason I Jump is an  exploration of neurodiversity through the experiences of nonspeaking autistic people from around the world.

The film blends Higashida's revelatory insights into autism, written when he was just 13, with intimate portraits of five remarkable young people. It opens a window for audiences into an intense and overwhelming, but often joyful, sensory universe.

Moments in the lives of each of the characters are linked by the journey of a young Japanese boy through an epic landscape; narrated passages from Naoki’s writing reflect on what his autism means to him and others, how his perception of the world differs, and why he acts in the way he does: the reason he jumps. The film distills these elements into a sensually rich tapestry that leads us to Naoki’s core message: not being able to speak does not mean there is nothing to say.

"It's as emotionally piercing as it is beautiful to behold..."- Variety

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thru Thurs Jan 21
$10. for a 3-day rental
(PG) 1hr 50 min. 
Film adaptation of the hit musical Strike!

An immigrant Romeo and Juliet battle for love and a better life during a time of social upheaval.

1919. Stefan and his father  left family in Ukraine, fleeing for the New World, where they struggle to earn enough to re-unite the family. Stefan is instantly smitten with the Jewish suffragette neighbor, Rebecca-but family on both sides oppose any match.
Returned soldiers, angry at the lack of jobs after the war, violently threaten the city's immigrants. When a movement develops for workers to leave their jobs in protest, a wealthy lawyer pits all parties against each other in a dramatic and inspirational final stand.

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thru  Thurs Jan 21
$11.99. for a 3-day rental

(not rated)  2hr 10 min.  subtitled

This dark comedy from Argentina is the story of a group of four long-time friends, including a used-to-be-famous actress, her now disabled husband and the writer of her greatest hits. They are retired from the movie business, forming an unusual family in a decaying mansion in the countryside outside of Buenos Aires. Their coexistence is menaced by a young couple who, feigning to be lost, slowly insinuate themselves into their lives. It's Sunset Boulevard meets The Best Exotic Marigold Hotelwith a Latin twist. Financial gain, seduction, betrayal, and memories run amok are the elements that create the recipe for this delightful game of cat...and weasel. 

"Old-fashioned fare with an up-to-date edge...enjoyably over-the-top." - The Hollywood Reporter

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