In the absence of being together in the theatre,  we are humbled and grateful for the many ways you have shown us your support- in  words of encouragement, purchasing walk-up concessions (and sometimes spending more than you need to),  renting virtual cinema,  making donations,  purchasing gift tickets/discount passes (for future use)...  We are very fortunate in these times to be the beneficiaries of such kindness.  Your commitment makes ours even stronger - to welcome you back  safely when the time is right and provide you with the magic of the movies!

Until then, with heartfelt thanks,  we hope you stay safe, healthy and have a happy holiday season,
Kathy & Bob

                                                                                                  Virtual Cinema
The movies we offer are available through different distributor’s websites and streaming services. 50% of  ticket sales  support the Crystal Theatre.
Via the links provided below, you’ll be taken to their websites to purchase access to these films.
Please make sure to read the instructions provided by each distributor, they provide FAQs and ways to stream from/to various devices.
*** NEW WINTER Walk-up concession hours (menu here)  6pm-7:30  Fridays & Saturdays
                                                                                                            Make  it  a Crystal  Theatre  movie night at home!


thru Thurs Dec 10
$12. for a 3-day rental

(not rated)  2hr 10 min

With unfettered access to the Zappa family trust and all archival footage, filmmaker Alex Winter explores the private life behind the mammoth musical career that never shied away from the political turbulence of its time.

It features appearances by Frank’s widow Gail Zappa and several of Frank’s musical collaborators including Mike Keneally, Ian Underwood, Steve Vai, Pamela Des Barres, Bunk Gardner, David Harrington, Scott Thunes, Ruth Underwood, Ray White and others.

Click HERE for rental information. Click HERE for viewing assistance.


The Donut King

thru Thurs Dec 10
$4.99 for a 3-day rental

(not rated)

Cambodian refugee Ted Ngoy builds a multi-million dollar empire by baking America's favorite pastry -- the donut.

Ted’s story is one of fate, love, survival, hard knocks, and redemption. It’s the rags- to- riches story of a refugee escaping Cambodia, arriving in America in 1975 and building an unlikely multi-million-dollar empire. Ted sponsored hundreds of visas for incoming refugees and helped them get on their feet teaching them the ways of the donut business. By 1979 he was living the American Dream...
" A documentary that's more than just a sweetly filling treat, The Donut King tells a real-life story with genuine depth and breadth. "- Critics Consensus.

Click HERE for rental information. Click HERE for viewing assistance.

Like Harvey Like Son

thru Thurs Dec 10
$9.99 for a 3-day rental
(not rated)

UltraRunner turned teacher Harvey Lewis, III tackles the Appalachian Trail’s speed record, reconnecting with his 78 year -old father turned crew chief, Harvey Jr, by his side. Along the way they encounter a cast of colorful characters, numerous geographic obstacles, excruciating physical pain, all the while discovering that the trail is about much more than just escape.

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thru Thurs Dec 10
$4.99 for a 3-day rental
90 min (not rated)

Award-winning singer/songwriter Harry Chapin (“Taxi” and “Cats in the Cradle”) spent his fame and fortune chasing a dream to end world hunger and poverty, and in the process inspired, changed, and saved the lives of millions of people.

Click HERE for rental information.  Click HERE for viewing assistance

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

thru Thurs Dec 10
$12. for a 5-day rental
2 hr (not rated)

Renowned neurologist and author Oliver Sacks is posthumously celebrated in this profound, highly engaging, deeply personal memoir.

A month after receiving a fatal diagnosis in January 2015, Oliver Sacks (subject of "Awakenings") sat down with filmmaker Ric Burns for a series of filmed interviews in his apartment in New York City. For eighty hours, he talked about his life and work, battles with drug addiction, homophobia, a medical establishment that long shunned his pioneering work on cognitive disorders, and his abiding sense of wonder at the natural world and the place of human beings within it. Drawing on these personal reflections, as well as nearly two dozen interviews with close friends, family members, colleagues and patients, this is the story of a beloved doctor and writer who redefined our understanding of the brain and mind.

watch the trailer        Click HERE for rental and viewing information. 

Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President

thru Thurs Dec 10
$9.99. for a 3-day rental
1 hr 40 min (not rated)
This documentary is an incisive and often-rollicking look at an era that saw youth culture and politics join forces, and at a man of conscience whose love of music was crucial to who he was as a father, a citizen, a man of the South, and a leader during his presidency and beyond .
It charts the mostly forgotten story of how Carter, a lover of all types of music, forged a tight bond with musicians Willie Nelson, the Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan and others. Low on campaign funds and lacking in name recognition, Carter relied on support from these artists to give him a crucial boost in the Democratic primaries. It's fillled with illuminating new interviews with, to name a few, Bob Dylan,Willie Nelson, Gregg Allman, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

Click HERE for rental information.  Click HERE for viewing assistance.

       Greetings Everyone !    We hope you are well!

The big question we are asked is "When will you re-open?"       The short answer is "We Don't Know".

Having said that, we are busy preparing for the day when the marquee will host a movie title again. We are taking a number of measures to ensure your safety when you do return and as that day gets closer we will share what these are and what we will be doing. The bottom line is, yes there will be changes (however temporary), but one thing  remains the same: the magic of the movies. Thank you for all the support and words of encouragement during this time. It's not something we take for granted. In the meantime we are offering virtual cinema and are open for walk-up concessions on Friday & Saturday, 6pm-7:30, with a limited menu. So if you watch on the weekend, stop by the theatre,  pick-up your concessions and make it a Crystal Theatre movie night!
We hope this gets you excited about coming back to the movies !  We look forward to seeing you, Kathy & Bob

                                                                                                   427 Main, Carbondale   963-0633
 Adult $9. / Child (12-) $7.  Discount Pass (good for 10 adm/ limit 2 per show) $80. 
Boxoffice opens 15 minutes before showtime

Cash or check only.  Sorry, no cards.  There is an ATM across the street

No trailers or advertising before the show

* Program subject to change without notice

Assisted listening, closed caption and descriptive audio devices available
Gift tickets available